Climb into the back seat with the city’s elite. Not literally, of course.

But you’re embedded electronically — your message, promotions and special offers feeding the impulses of a captivated affluent market, previously impenetrable in any targeted way by traditional advertising. This is a hyper-captive audience — eyes riveted on the color monitor built into the driver’s headrest. Your message is immediate, impactful and interactive


And one rideshare patrons won’t likely soon forget.

Vehicle advertising is a welcomed amenity in Uber and Lyft vehicles. It transforms what otherwise might be down time into efficient exploration of the area’s amenities.

Our V.I.P. Digital Interactive Format places yourrideshare advertising message before receptive buyers, unlike other forms of advertising that bombard relentless slogans and hype upon beleaguered consumers ready to run for cover.

Uber and Lyft rideshare clients are actively seeking information, eager to experience the vast amenities of the area.

Our system features user-generated content, similar to Facebook, enabling our partners to personalize and target messages, even geographically. Advertisers can issue special offers, discounts, provide loyalty points or orchestrate a brand-building strategy that enhances overall marketing.

Uber and Lyft rideshare riders are:

Upscale / Affluent / Socially Active
Difficult to reach through other methods / referrals
Interested in stories about local community and events
Maintain varying levels of involvement in the community
We arrange exclusive commitments with local rideshare drivers, incentivizing them to reinforce your message verbally, and train them in how to effectively elaborate upon your message.

Patrons of ridesharing services can be elite local residents, too, going about town usually for a night of fun.These passengers comprise a highly desirable demographic as they tend to be young, upper income and use rideshare for business commutes as well as social activities.

They’re also eager for suggestions about what to do, see, where to dine, and what special events are taking place.


Because it reaches action-ready buyers.

  • It’s a mobile concierge to the city’s most prominent visitors and vacationers.
  • It’s a guide for local residents, perhaps exploring an unfamiliar part of the city, or needing up-to-date information on events and happenings.
  • It boosts revenue of enrolled Uber and Lyft driver/agents.
  • The VROS Media app is installed at no charge on a 1-inch full-color monitor embedded into the driver’s headrest.
  • It puts at your fingertips what to do, where to dine, timely flight info, bank and ATM locations, cafes, theatres, ballparks, colleges, and all that’s worth exploringwithin a geo-targeted area.
  • The app transfers onto your smartphone via QR code so that you retain the information even after transport.