About Us

VROS Media is a highly creative and innovative technology team from which you’ll quickly notice a touch of style and plenty of panache.

Co-founders Wisdom Osazee, who serves as chairman and chief strategist, and CEO Jason Vrane have several years experience applying technology to business, travel, advertising and transportation, attempting to bring beauty and neatness to advertising, social communication and brand promotion.

Within each marketplace, this team prides itself on serving as a concierge for the city, providing a digitally interactive pipeline into the city’s events and amenities with tourists from near and far, who can tap in both during a rideshare as well as by app at a later time.

Headquartered in Michigan, where the service launched initially, VROS Media is now expanding globally at a rapid pace that is likely to see it arrive in your city soon, if it’s not already there.

VROS Media makes rideshare advertising the ultimate trifecta: a boon for advertisers, a valuable consumer service, and a stipend for rideshare drivers.