I definitely drive more with V.I.P Digital Interactive Format. Makes interactions with people of all sorts that rides with me quite worthwhile.

Chris, Uber driver

V.I.P. Digital Interactive Format helps me break the ice with my passengers. No longer is there and uncomfortable silence… my passengers ask about the local business.

Jerry, Uber Driver

I can confidently answer the questions about what to do and where to eat with the V.I.P. Digital Interactive Format in my car

Jeff, Uber Driver

It encourages me as a driver to work. I make more money from doing nothing different and I get to help my passengers.

Jason,Uber driver

I feel as if I’m part of the fabric in the community helping connecting business to customers.

Dan,Uber Driver

Can say about these guys only good words. It has been a pleasure working with them creating the strategy for my company and even some more things.

Mary White, Sale Manager

Passengers see specials and offers in my vehicle with the V.I.P. Digital Interactive Format and have told me to go to these places instead of there original destination.

George, Uber driver